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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

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Our Bylaws

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June 2015 Band Booster Meeting Minutes

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North Greene High School Band Boosters

Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Place: TA Restaurant, Baileyton
Time: 6 pm

Attendees: Summer Robertson, Heather Youngblood, Michelle Miller, Dale Trombley

Meeting was called to order at 6 pm by President Summer Robertson.
Summer was welcomed as the new president and Michelle was welcomed as the new vice-president. Heather continues as treasurer and will also be secretary.

May Secretary’s Report: Angel Cox, our last secretary, was unable to attend.  The May minutes will be reviewed at the July meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Income and Expenses: 2014-2015 school year

06/01/14 through 05/31/15
Account 2014 2015 Total
Atlanta trip payments 259.00 0.00 259.00
Baileyton Ruritan Dinner Income 0.00 150.00 150.00
Cheesecake Sales 9,059.36 0.00 9,059.36
Concession Earnings 1,775.25 0.00 1,775.25
Dollywood trip 0.00 1,080.00 1,080.00
Equipment Sales 518.50 43.50 562.00
Fair share fees 2,573.00 100.00 2,673.00
Farm Swipe accidental 0.00 12.16 12.16
High School Banquet 2015 0.00 625.00 625.00
Indoor Percussion Fees 0.00 80.00 80.00
Middle School Awards 2015 0.00 135.00 135.00
Pizza Inn Ticket Sales 0.00 90.00 90.00
Redeposit change fund 250.00 0.00 250.00
Reimburse for NSF 287.00 20.00 307.00
Ryans Payments 0.00 180.00 180.00
Spring Trip Payments 0.00 14,345.00 14,345.00
Uniform Fund 421.64 100.00 521.64
Yard Sale Income 109.83 0.00 109.83
color guard fee 700.00 0.00 700.00
donation 858.39 30.00 888.39
interest 0.90 0.00 0.90
refund for overcharge 30.00 0.00 30.00
t-shirts 467.50 0.00 467.50
Baileyton Ruritan Dinner Supplies 0.00 72.53 72.53
Band Dinner 1,152.72 0.00 1,152.72
Band Equipment 2,474.50 235.22 2,709.72
Banquet Expense 2015 0.00 565.93 565.93
Cheesecake Purchase 5,244.60 0.00 5,244.60
Chilhowie competition fee 50.00 0.00 50.00
Color Guard Flags 244.88 0.00 244.88
Concert festival meal 0.00 287.10 287.10
Concession Supplies 98.46 0.00 98.46
Concession Supplies 2014 1,037.41 0.00 1,037.41
Dillon Hensley Clinic hotel 0.00 310.00 310.00
Dollywood Trip Expenses 0.00 864.70 864.70
Field Show equipment 165.34 1,050.00 1,215.34
Gift Card Purchases 144.00 0.00 144.00
High School Banquet 2015 Expenses 0.00 1,123.78 1,123.78
Indoor Percussion Competition Fee 0.00 225.00 225.00
Instructor Fee Kyle Gorbski 2,190.50 1,350.00 3,540.50
Instructor Fee Nick Norton 400.00 0.00 400.00
Middle School Awards 2015 Expense 0.00 239.30 239.30
NSF Check 303.00 1,020.00 1,323.00
Office Supplies 0.00 22.59 22.59
Parent Booster USA 135.00 0.00 135.00
Permit and Licensing 20.00 0.00 20.00
Refund Spring Trip Expense 0.00 200.00 200.00
Reimbursment for purchases made 14.50 92.16 106.66
Seymore Competition Fee 75.00 0.00 75.00
Spring Trip Expense 0.00 15,011.43 15,011.43
Sullivan Central competition 50.00 0.00 50.00
T-shirt purchase 1,101.70 0.00 1,101.70
Web Account 80.87 0.00 80.87
add to change fund 250.00 0.00 250.00
band camp 2014 46.22 0.00 46.22
bank account service charge 50.27 0.00 50.27
cheesecake sales adjustment 20.00 0.00 20.00
gas for equipment truck 75.00 0.00 75.00
instructor Fee Karleigh Roark 1,265.50 0.00 1,265.50
practice dinner 64.03 0.00 64.03
Grand Total 556.87 -5,679.08 -5,122.21

Income and Expenses May 2015

05/01/15 through 05/31/15
Account 2015 Total
Baileyton Ruritan Dinner Income 150.00 150.00
Dollywood trip 470.00 470.00
High School Banquet 2015 560.00 560.00
Middle School Awards 2015 35.00 35.00
donation 10.00 10.00
Baileyton Ruritan Dinner Supplies 72.53 72.53
Dollywood Trip Expenses 864.70 864.70
High School Banquet 2015 Expenses 1,123.78 1,123.78
Instructor Fee Kyle Gorbski 225.00 225.00
Middle School Awards 2015 Expense 239.30 239.30
Reimbursment for purchases made 12.16 12.16
Grand Total -1,312.47 -1,312.47


  • General Funds: $846.98
  • Uniform Fund: $521.04
  • Total Assets for the end of May: $1368.02.

We have two NSF checks totaling $1000 from parents written for the Charleston trip. These parents have been contacted several times, but no repayment has been made yet. We have one student that owes $200 for the Charleston trip.  These items will be addressed with Mr. Woods at the next meeting.

Baileyton Ruritan Dinner: The boosters provided dinner for the May 21 Ruritan Meeting. Several parents cooked food to bring.  The boosters spent $72.53 on food and supplies.  Sav-a-lot donated $20 in meat.  Baileyton Ruritan paid the boosters $150 and said that they enjoyed the meal very much.  They invited the band boosters back to provide the meal for their August 20 dinner at 6 pm.  Summer motioned to supply the dinner.  Michelle seconded.  All approved.  A menu will be planned and donations from parents will be requested after school starts back.

Band Camp 2015: Band camp will be held at Baileyton Elementary this year due to construction going on at North Greene HS. Instructor fees will be paid by the boosters. Last year’s fees totaled $1200.  Boosters will also pay the musical arranger’s fee of $1000 for the 2015-16 field show music.  All present agreed that fundraising is needed soon to cover these expenses.

Every year, the boosters provide dinner for the band camp attendees one night during camp.  It was proposed that the dinner be on July 24 and pizza would be served.

Web Site Fee: Dale said that the yearly web site fee is due June 16. The fee of $80 covers hosting and domain registry.  It was agreed that this fee must be paid.  Heather will pay with the debit card.

Fundraising:  Summer plans to schedule a monthly fundraiser for the boosters beginning immediately.  Some ideas she suggested are a Road Block during band camp if possible.  A car wash during June.  Once school starts, she suggested the group sell a food item called Butter Braids.  They would be sold for $13, boosters would make $5.50 per item (42% profit). If we sell over 300, delivery is free.  The sales rep offered to bring samples to one of our meetings.  Heather motioned to pursue this fundraiser, Dale seconded. All approved.  Summer will contact the sales rep to bring samples to the August meeting.

Other Fundraising Ideas: Summer has researched hosting a 5K foot race.  It is much more involved than we have been led to believe at previous meetings.  At this time, we don’t have enough volunteers to make it happen.

Heather mentioned the Full Moon Harvest Celebration in downtown Greeneville on August 29.  She said that the boosters might be able to set up a booth to sell something.  Michelle suggested baked goods donated by parents.  Heather will check to see if this would be allowed and report back.

Parking cars at the Race Track was mentioned.  The last time the boosters did this, we were paid $500.  More information is needed from Mr. Woods.

Krispy Kreme doughnut sales was suggested by Michelle.  Boosters might take orders and/or sell at the concession stand during football games.

Concession stand status is still unknown.  The boosters and Mr. Woods have asked Principal Weems if we could join the other booster clubs at North Greene in their large concession stand.  It has been several months and we have not heard back.  We are assuming that they are not going to allow us to join.  Plans need to be made to continue running the band booster concession stand.

 Michelle and Dale agreed to begin planning the concessions operation for this year.  Other volunteers are welcome to join in.

Heather mentioned that the boosters need a banner to display at our booth during fundraisers to give the group a more professional appearance.  One can be made for under $40.

Booster Shirts: Summer suggested that booster members should wear matching shirts to identify them at events.  She knows a lady that will embroider the shirts for $5 each if we provide the shirts.  Boosters are encouraged to purchase gray polo shirts and bring them to Summer at the July meeting. The embroidery will be in dark green, saying North Greene Band Boosters.  She will get them to the lady and bring them back.

New Meeting Date:  It has come to our attention that Tuesday night is not a convenient meeting time for many people in the group.  After speaking with Mr. Woods and several other boosters, Heather motioned to move the monthly meeting to the first Thursday of the month. Dale seconded.  All approved.

The next meeting will be July 2 at 6 pm.  


minutes respectfully submitted by Heather Youngblood, secretary


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