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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

Important Documents

Our Bylaws

2017-18 Marching Band Contract.pdf
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Medical Release

July 2016 Band Booster Meeting Minutes

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North Greene High School   Band Booster Meeting Minutes for July 2016

he meeting started at 6:02 pm on July 7, 2016 by President Summer Robertson. This was held at the TA Restaurant in Baileyton, TN.

In Attendance: Summer Robertson, Michelle Miller, Brandon Woods,

Melody Weidleman, Connie Rosenbalm.

Secretary’s Report: went over financials and found that we actually lost money for the month. The Band website was charged for the yearly fee.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beginning Balance: $3825.47
  • Ending balance: $3652.01
  • Uniform Fund: $1638.65
  • Change Fund $140.00
  • Total assets at end of June 2016 $3652.01

Old Business:

June car wash was a success, raising $223.00

July 9th carwash was cancelled due to rain.

Old Business: Continued

We spoke about flag materials and possible costumes/uniforms for color guard.  Mr. Woods wanted a reporter scenario with a solid white button up shirt (with Velcro instead of buttons), black slacks, solid black shoes, and a fedora hat. Payless shoes will give us a discount on those for ordering in bulk and will allow us to use a shoe measurer for band camp if need be.

Brandon – first motion

Summer – Second motion

We wanted to contact the principal of Baileyton Elementary to see about a possible Yard sale and a road block.

New Business:

Spoke to Connie about rifles being made and how many we would need, the weight, the colors, etc. We spoke specific colors for flags for the movements of the show:

  • 10 red flags
  • 10 blue flags
  • 10 yellow flags
  • 2 superman wooden signs
  • Possible hand flags
  • Starred red fabric
  • Mr. Woods picked out fabric samples that he liked for the show

The specifics of the superman shields were to be passed onto Geoff for building them.

We spoke about Holly, the guard instructor, in lieu of her fee for band camp and contract for the upcoming year.

Michelle is still trying to find info on Bristol Speedway for the fundraising football game.

Geoff will ask his work about wheels for backdrops this year.

Possibility to reuse canvas again for backdrops for show.

We spoke about the competition schedule for the year and it may change for the Science Hill competition.

Geoff or Michelle is needing a concession stand key to get the bread rack out of the building.  A hotbox is to be made to keep foods warm for concessions.

Ruitan dinner is scheduled for August 18th, Summer and Michelle will create a menu for that.

Pancake fundraiser at Applebee’s is confirmed for November 12, 2016, we will presale tickets for this venue.

We need to purchase a new set of ratchet straps for the scaffold this year.

Check the TA Restaurant for possible ice donations for this school year and band camp.

We will reuse pink flags this year for pink out on the field.

We suggested that student officers need to meet with Boosters often to relay messages, changes, and voting on items throughout the year.

The meeting adjourned at 6:42 pm

Brandon – first motion

Summer – second motion

All approved

The next meeting is scheduled for August 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the La Fronterra Restaurant in Baileyton, TN.

The minutes are respectfully submitted by Michelle Miller-Vice President, in Angelique Gass’s, Secretary, absence.




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