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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

Important Documents

Our Bylaws

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Medical Release

January 2017 Band Booster Meeting

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North Greene High School

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for January 2017


The meeting was called to order by President, Michelle Miller.

Time:  6:00 pm

Date:  05-Jan-2016

Place:  NGHS Band Room


  • Brandon Woods, Band Director
  • Michelle Miller, President
  • Angel Gass, Vice President
  • Melody Weidleman, Treasurer
  • Jamie Bartlett, Secretary
  • Cherie Cain
  • Marcia Phillippe
  • Lisa Laughters
  • Crystal Riner
  • Tanya Jones
  • Brittni Thornburg (West Pines)
  • Cindy Thornburg (West Pines)
  • Pat Barnett (West Pines)
  • Nikki Pierce

The first order of business was for Michelle Miller to announce that she would be stepping down as President of the Band Boosters.  Michelle stated that more discussion would be held later in the meeting to determine an interim President that would hold the office for the Spring semester until elections are held in May 2017.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beginning Balance:  $8260.69
  • Ending Balance:  $15,589.64
    • Regular account balance:  $8341.03
    • Uniform Fund:  $7048.61
    • Cash Fund:  $200.00

Year to Date through the end of December shows a profit of $11,624.00 so far for 2016.

The boosters have not received an invoice for the popcorn or cheesecakes sold in the Fall, so this money is still being reflected in the general fund.

10% of all fundraisers moving forward will go to the uniform fund.

There was no further discussion or questions regarding the Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

  • The high school banquet is tentatively planned for 06-May-2017.
    • Venue:  TBD
    • Catered by :  Firehouse BBQ
    • Menu:  Pulled pork, Chicken, baked beans, green beans, and drink
    • Additional foods discussed:  Cole Slaw, Macaroni and Cheese, Desserts to be provided by Band Boosters
    • Cost:  $12.00 per person
    • Pre-sale tickets (High School Students Not Required to Pay for Dinner)
  • Discussion was held on a venue for the high school banquet.  Mr. Woods said the church used last year was not big enough for the larger band and parents.
    • Suggestions made include:
      • Brittontown Church – Crissy Riner to check on price and availability
      • Union Temple FWB Church
      • Hidden Meadows – Brittni and Cindy Thornburg to check on price and availability
      • Baileyton Methodist Church – Nikki Pierce to check on availability
    • Themes discussed include:
      • Super Heroes
      • Hawaiian
      • Decades
      • Students will be voting on the theme they would like to have for the banquet


  • Discussion on banquet:
    • Nikki Pierce said she would rather go to a venue that is free rather than pay a fee at a location, such as Hidden Meadows.


  • Above mentioned members will obtain prices and availability of venues and a vote will be held at the next meeting in February.


  • The middle school banquet is tentatively planned for 05-May-2017.
  • Fundraisers:


    • The Yankee candle fundraiser has been bumped to occur February 3-17, 2017.  Last minute money must be in by 24-Feb-2016.
    • The Middle School 10 for 10 has a date TBD.
    • Mr. Woods explained that there have been issues with the popcorn orders not being completed by the company, so there will not be a popcorn sale during the Yankee Candle sale, as voted on in the December 2016 meeting.
    • No Ruritan dates have been received for  Spring or Summer.  The band booster receive $150.00 each time they serve a meal during the Ruritan meeting.
      • Mandi Mitchell is the contact for the Ruritan.  Michelle will give Jamie Mandi’s phone number.
    • There are still ~ 90 Krispy Kreme cards to sell.  Boosters paid $8.00 each for the cards and are trying to sell them for $15-16 each.  Discussion was held on having a table set up at a store in Kingsport or Johnson City where a Krispy Kreme location is available.  No dates were set for this activity.  Decision made to table Krispy Kreme discussion until a later meeting.
    • Other fundraisers discussed for Spring:
      • Butter Braids
      • Tumblers
      • Possible road blocks – Baileyton allows 2 each year (Spring/Fall); The City allows 1 per year.
    • Nikki Pierce is working on a grant to assist with payment for new uniforms.  No update at this meeting.
  • Two logos have been identified for the equipment trailer.  Michelle has the card of the person who can add the decal – Marquee in Mosheim.
    • Nikki said she can check on some other prices from Signs Plus and other locations
    • The size of the trailer is 160 x 59
    • A vote did not occur on which logo to use for the trailer.
  • Discussion was held on having a parent liaison for each of the Middle Schools.  The liaison would come to the band booster meetings and communicate information to the other middle school band parents.  West Pines had three parent/grandparent liaisons at today’s meeting.  No parents have been identified for Baileyton or Ottway, yet.
  • At the September meeting, it was discussed that it would be useful for the band boosters to use the Remind Me app.  Mr. Woods to contact Mr. Rosenbalm to check on this possibility.  This topic was not discussed at this meeting.


Spring Trip to NYC, 24-27-Mar-2017:

  • ~90 people have turned in their deposit for the trip, including Mr. Woods and Kyle.  This number allows two buses to go to NYC.
  • Payment schedule as follows:
    • $100.00 due by 20-Jan-2017
    • $120.00 due by 17-Feb-2017
    • Remaining balance due 17-Mar-2017
  • No other discussion was held on the Spring Trip.


New Business:

  • Mr. Woods took the floor to discuss an interim President for the Spring semester.  He stated that he and Kyle take care of most all activities in the Spring.  A point person is needed for the banquets to ensure caterers are scheduled and locations are decorated.  According to the by-laws, it is mandatory that someone fill the vacant President position.  It cannot remain unfilled until elections in May 2017.
  • Discussion:
    • Nikki stated that she feels there should be committee chairs as mentioned in the by-laws – we also need to be looking for people to fill these positions during the Spring elections
    • Crissy Riner agreed to be the Banquet Committee Chair for Spring semester 2017
    • During the discussion, Tanya Jones agreed to be the interim President.
      • Pat Barnett nominated Tanya Jones to be interim President of the Band Boosters for Spring semester 2017.
      • Nomination seconded by Meldoy Weidleman
      • Nomination passed unanimously.


  • Band Mom shirt order forms are due to band room by 20-Jan-2017


  • Discussion was also held for Mr. Woods to ask Mr. Rosenbalm to take over the administration of the website and Remind Me app.

Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.


Next meeting will be held on Thursday, 02-Jan-2017, at 6:00 pm in the NGHS Band Room.  All band parents are encouraged to attend.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jamie Bartlett, Secretary.

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