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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

Important Documents

Our Bylaws

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Medical Release

June 2017 Band Booster Minutes

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North Greene High School

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for June 2017


The meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Jones.

Time:  6:11 pm

Date:  08-Jun-2017

Place:  NGHS Band Room


  • Brandon Woods, Band Director
  • Tanya Jones, President
  • Crissy Riner, Vice President
  • Samantha Brown, Treasurer
  • Lisa Laughters, Asst. Treasurer
  • Jamie Bartlett, Secretary
  • Cherie Cain
  • Marcia Phillippe
  • Mark Laughters
  • Nikki Pierce
  • Melody Weidleman


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Balance:  $21,646.58
    • Uniform Fund:  $20,390.22
    • General Fund:  $1,056.36
    • Cash Fund:  $200.00


    • Fair Share:  $291.00 was brought in since May booster meeting
    • Music Doctors:  $757.91 was paid since May booster meeting
    • All Spring trip refunds have been made.

The end of the year audit occurred on 01-Jun-2017.  Treasurer responsibilities were transferred from Melody Weidleman to Samantha Brown.

Samantha Brown and Angel Gass will need to take a copy of the most recent booster meeting minutes to the bank in order to change the names on the account.  Lisa Laughters will also need to attend as assistant Treasurer.

Old Business:

  • Ruritan Dinner next Thursday, 15-Jun-2017
    • All of the food has been assigned.  Assignments were posted in the May booster meeting minutes.
    • Food is tentatively to be at the Ruritan Bldg. by 5:30 pm.  Tanya Jones to double check on meeting start time and will communicate if food drop off time is changed.
    • Band members need to attend to serve the food and assist with clean-up.


  • Uniforms
    • The person making the uniforms contacted Mr. Woods at the end of school with several new designs to review.  She did not provide any information on prices.
    • Normal timeline for uniform creation is 5 months.  WGHS had their uniforms in 3 months, so there is a possibility that they could be done sooner.
    • If the uniforms are ordered by June, it may be possible to have them for this season; if not ordered by June, they may not have the uniforms for this season.


    • Show Shirts:  There will be a show shirt that is passed out the first week of band camp.  Order forms will be provided for family members to order shirts.
    • Color Guard:  Tanya has been looking for potential outfits for the color guard.  It was mentioned that a mother of a color guard member should be involved in organizing the outfit fittings and potentially a fundraiser.  Carla Ryans (McKinley Ryans’ mom) was suggested as a potential organizer.  Tanya will invite her to attend the next band booster meeting.


  • Fundraisers:
    • There are still 22 Krispy Kreme cards to sell.  Angel Gass has the cards and will provide to Samantha Brown at first opportunity.
    • Fun and Games
      • Nikki stated that we should be able to get a Fun and Games night scheduled for August or September.   She will get the fund raising form from the Greene County Schools website to complete and provide to Mrs. Weems for approval.


    • Roadblocks
      • Discussion was held at holding roadblocks for donations in both Baileyton and Greeneville on 19-Aug-2017.  Tanya to contact both Baileyton and Greeneville to see if the dates are available and if the band can obtain permission to hold the events.
    • Baileyton Days (08 through 10-Sep-2017)
      • Discussion was held on a potential fundraiser to be held during Baileyton Days.  Face painting was suggested.  Nikki contacted organizer, Virginia Cooter, who confirmed that it was not already being done at the event.  Tanya will check on face paint and stencils.  We will need student volunteers to man the booth and do the face painting.
      • The Baileyton Parade will be held on Saturday, 09-Sep-2017.  Parents would be needed as volunteer face painters while the band members march in the parade.
      • It was also discussed to have generic North Greene t-shirts available for sale at the face painting booth.
    • Stadium seats
      • Nikki looking into pricing for stadium seats embroidered with North Greene logo that could be sold by band members
    • Raffle
      • Cherie Cain asked if we could do a raffle at some point during the next year.  Discussion was held, but no decision was made.  To be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
    • Car decal and other North Greene paraphernalia
      • Cheri Cain asked if it would be possible to sell car decals for band parents.  Discussion was held and included sales of other types of North Greene paraphernalia.  No decisions were made.  To be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
    • Tumblers
      • Tumbler sales were discussed briefly.  Mr. Woods spoke to the sales rep at the end of school.  It will cost $548.00 for 48 tumblers, which needs to be paid up-front.  We would sell the tumblers for $12.00 each.  A suggestion was presented to sell the tumblers at the concession stand with hot chocolate or another drink and offer free refills with the purchase of the tumbler.  No decision was made on moving forward with the tumbler fundraiser.  More discussion may be held at a future meeting.
  • Band Camp
    • Parent volunteers are needed throughout band camp to assist with distributing water to the band members during the day, clean-up after the camp is over each day, and general assistance to Mr. Woods and the band.  Please come to the band camp any time you are available to assist during the day or at 5:00 pm to help with clean up.
    • There will be a mandatory parent meeting held at 5:15 pm on the last day of band camp, 28-Jul-2017.  Presentations will be made by Mr. Woods and Nikki Pierce.  Information will be provided on events planned for the year and general band updates.  Requests will be made for parent volunteers to sign up for dates to work the concession stand during football games.
    • The boosters will feed the band members during the meeting while the parents listen to the presentation.  Menu TBD.
  • Trailer logo:  For the record:  There have been two quotes obtained.  Signs Plus will do a 4 x 6 logo; 1 side for $190.00, 2 sides for $380.00.  Morristown Signs will do two sides for $1,260.00 – Front $270.00, Back $270.00.  Trailer size = 160 x 59.  Tabled to a future meeting.


  • Trophy shelf:  Mr. Woods still needs to contact Lowes regarding donation of the materials.  Former band member parents offered to donate time to make more shelves (Wilbur and Angel).  Paint, wood, and mounting materials are needed.  Tabled to a future meeting.
  • Concession Stand:  All discussion tabled to next meeting.
  • Instrument Transportation for Fall:  The band needs 6-7 parents to rotate pulling instruments to ballgames, competitions, concerts, parades, and graduation for the upcoming year.  Not discussed at June Meeting.
  • Alumni Recognition:  Nikki asked Mr. Woods to meet with she and Tanya on 15-Jun-2017 to discuss the alumni recognition celebration during the 10th year anniversary of the Husky Band.
  • NGHS Band 10th Anniversary:  Looking for ways to celebrate the anniversary.  Previous discussion was held on purchasing and selling t-shirts with the money raised to be awarded to a senior as a scholarship.  A committee would be selected to oversee the selection process.  The committee should be comprised of members not affiliated with the band program at NGHS.  Not discussed at June meeting.
  • Middle School parent contact list:  Mr. Woods still needs to get the middle school parent contact list to Nikki.
  • Remind app:  Jamie to look into use of the Remind app and contact Mr. Rosenbalm if needed for set up.



New Business:

  • Percussion and Color Guard Assistants:  Mr. Woods will be hiring both a percussion and color guard assistant for the upcoming year soon.  These are paid positions of $300.00 each per month.  Band camp is $400.00.
  • The credit card associated with the website is in Melody’s name and will need to be changed prior to the next payment on 16-Jun-2017.
  • For purposes of the record, Melody Weidleman stated that items for a yard sale fundraiser are in her attic.  She said it was fine for the items to stay in her attic until needed for a future yard sale.

Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.


Next meeting will be held on Thursday, 06-Jul-2017, at 6:00 pm in the NGHS Band Room.  All band parents are encouraged to attend.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jamie Bartlett, Secretary.

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