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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

Important Documents

Our Bylaws

2017-18 Marching Band Contract.pdf
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Medical Release

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

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North Greene High School

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for August 2017

The meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Jones.

Time: 6:09 pm

Date: 03-Aug-2017

Place: NGHS Band Room


  • Brandon Woods, Band Director
  • Tanya Jones, President
  • Crissy Riner, Vice President
  • Samantha Brown, Treasurer
  • Jamie Bartlett, Secretary
  • Cherie Cain
  • Marcia Phillippe
  • Rose Elkins
  • Doug Mrock
  • Priscilla Hensley
  • Vickie Jones
  • Heather Calhoun
  • Crystal Marshall
  • Amber Grove
  • Katherine Stone
  • Carla Ryans
  • Mandi Mitchell


Treasurer’s Report:

Samantha Brown provided the Treasurer’s Report. Account balances listed below. There is a sum of $558.45 that is unaccounted for in the bank account. There are some outstanding checks that have not cleared, and it is thought that this may account for the extra money. An update will be provided at the next meeting. The outstanding balance of $757.91 at Music Doctors has been paid.

As of 03-Aug-2017:

  • Balance: $25,419.53
    • Uniform Fund: $20,450.22
    • General Fund: $4,135.36
    • Senior Banner: $275.50


Old Business:

  • Ruritan Dinner will be held on 17-Aug-2017
    • Breakfast for dinner. Drop off food by 6:30 pm. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.
    • Band members need to attend to serve the food and assist with clean-up.
    • Assigned food:
      • Fruit Salad – Jamie Bartlett
      • Sausage – Marcia Phillippe
      • Sweet/Unsweet tea – Mr. Woods
      • Waffles – Nikki Pierce
      • Biscuits – Crissy Riner
      • Eggs – Vicki Jones
      • Gravy – Samantha Brown
      • Syrup, orange juice, butter, and milk – Tanya Jones
    • We should have plenty of plates, cups, and utensils left over from last Ruritan dinner.


  • Uniforms
    • Still no mock-up or pricing information from the person making the uniforms. She said the factory is behind schedule. Mr. Woods to follow up.



    • Show Shirts: The design of the show shirt is “The Toll of Time” with clocks on the back, as well as a 10th anniversary banner. The front will have the band crest on the left breast. The shirt is black.


    • Color Guard: Measurements were taken of all the color guard members on 03-Aug-2017. Discussion is ongoing for outfits. Carla Ryans is working with the color guard to confirm outfits.


  • Fundraisers:
    • There are still 14 Krispy Kreme cards to sell.
    • Fun and Games
      • The Fun and Games night has been scheduled for Thursday, 28-Sep-2017, at Brittontown Church.
      • All 21 sponsors needed for baskets have been obtained (as of 04-Aug-2017).
      • TA Truck Stop will donate BBQ and buns for 150 people with overage.
      • Shelly will print 150 tickets to be sold for $25.00 each. A ticket provides a meal and 20 games. The plan is to sell the tickets in August ahead of the planned cheesecake fundraiser in September. Seventh and Eighth grade band members will be asked to sell tickets, as well as high school members.
      • Decorations for the church and tables needs to be discussed. Tanya is going to see what she has left over from the band banquet last year.
      • Discussion will be held at September meeting to determine sides that will be served and how the sides and desserts will be secured (bought or brought by donations from parents?).
    • Baileyton Days (08 through 10-Sep-2017)
      • The band members will provide face painting as a fundraiser at the event. Tanya will obtain face painting supplies. Crissy paid the vendor fee for the band.
      • The Baileyton Parade will be held on Saturday, 09-Sep-2017. Parents are needed as volunteer face painters while the band members march in the parade.
      • It was also discussed to have generic North Greene t-shirts available for sale at the face painting booth. Mr. Woods said he can have t-shirts printed very quickly if we use the same NG shield design as last year. We would have to pay for shirts in advance. No decision was made on ordering shirts at August meeting.
    • Stadium seats
      • Nikki looking into pricing for stadium seats embroidered with North Greene logo that could be sold by band members. She presented an example at the parent meeting during band camp. Not discussed at the August meeting.
    • Car decal and other North Greene paraphernalia
      • Cheri Cain asked if it would be possible to sell car decals for band parents. Discussion was held and included sales of other types of North Greene paraphernalia. No decisions were made. To be discussed in more detail at a future meeting. Not discussed at the August meeting.
    • Tumblers
      • Tumbler sales were discussed briefly. Mr. Woods spoke to the sales rep at the end of school. It will cost $548.00 for 48 tumblers, which needs to be paid up-front. We would sell the tumblers for $12.00 each. A suggestion was presented to sell the tumblers at the concession stand with hot chocolate or another drink and offer free refills with the purchase of the tumbler. No decision was made on moving forward with the tumbler fundraiser. More discussion may be held at a future meeting. Not discussed at the August meeting.
    • Cheesecake fundraiser will be held 18-29-Sep-2017.
    • Chick-fil-a fundraiser at Parker in July made $440.00 for the general fund to help with concession supplies. Any businesses interested in having the band obtain Chick-fil-a for them should inform Mr. Woods.


  • Band Camp (10-14-Jul-2017, 24-28-Jul-2017)
    • Jamie will get two cards for the band members to sign to thank TA Truck Stop and Jason and Susie Brandon for the donation of hot dogs and buns for the last day of Band Camp.


  • Trailer logo: For the record: There have been two quotes obtained. Signs Plus will do a 4 x 6 logo; 1 side for $190.00, 2 sides for $380.00. Morristown Signs will do two sides for $1,260.00 – Front $270.00, Back $270.00. Trailer size = 160 x 59. Not discussed at the August meeting.


  • Trophy shelf: Mr. Woods still needs to contact Lowes regarding donation of the materials. Former band member parents offered to donate time to make more shelves (Wilbur and Angel). Paint, wood, and mounting materials are needed. Not discussed at the August meeting.


  • Concession Stand:


    • Nikki sent a list of potential items to sell at the concession stand for review. Jamie looked up pricing for the items at Sam’s. Need to determine pricing for individual items sold out of concession stand.
    • Katherine Stone has agreed to order concession supplies online for pick-up and delivery by Jordan Shuler’s mother on Thursdays before home games. The Sam’s account is still active until 08-Sep-2017, but log-in information is lost. Trying to determine best way to order supplies at this time.
    • Parents are asked to donate concession supplies. Donations can be dropped off at school when kids are picked up at 6:00 pm after practice.
    • Items needed for donation:
      • Pepsi canned products
      • Gatorade 12 oz bottles
      • Bottled water
      • Items for Frito Pies (corn chips, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese)
      • Items for funnel cakes and husky paws (pancake mix, powdered sugar, oreos)
    • Action items for concession stand PRIOR to next meeting:
      • Determine pricing for items being sold out of concession stand
      • Create sign with items for sale and prices
      • Create general signage for concession stand
      • Assess supplies needed from what is left in concession stand
      • Create list for first supply order at Sam’s
      • Place first order at Sam’s for 18-Aug-2017 game
      • Determine who will pick up/donate items not bought at Sam’s, if there is anything
      • Decide amount of Papa John’s pizza to order and place the order no later than Wednesday, 16-Aug-2017.


  • Instrument Transportation for Fall: Mr. Woods said that all of the away games and jamboree have been covered, but he still needs volunteers to haul equipment to competitions.


  • Alumni Recognition: The next alumni meeting will be held at NGHS on Thursday, 14-Sep-2017, at 6:00 pm. Alumni recognition event will be held at 13-Oct-2017 game.



  • Middle School parent contact list: Mr. Woods still needs to get the middle school parent contact list to Nikki. Still pending at August meeting.


  • Remind app: Jamie set up a Remind classroom for the NGHS Band. If anyone has not signed up for Remind, yet, please do so using the instructions below:



  • Tentative dates for competitions: Mr. Woods to make a final decision the week of 07-Aug-2017.
    • 07-Oct-2017: Tennessee High???
    • 14-Oct-2017: John Battle – CONFIRMED
    • 21-Oct-2017: Sullivan Central – CONFIRMED
    • 28-Oct-2017: Science Hill???
      • There is a chance that the band could compete in Chilhowee on 23-Sep-2017.


  • Senior Banners
    • The seniors sold Chick-fil-a twice during band camp and collected $275.50 towards the senior banners.
    • Price of banner decreased to $41.00 each after Chick-fil-a fundraiser. All banner money due 04-Aug-2017.


New Business:

  • Jamboree – to be held at CDHS on 11-Aug-2017
    • Call time = 3:30 pm
    • Performance scheduled for 6:50 pm if the event is on time
    • Attire = Khaki shorts and any green shirt, preferably a NGHS shirt


  • Trailer – the trailer tire needs to be replaced. Mr. Woods contacted Greeneville Tire, and they will provide a tire and replacement for $49.00.


  • Mr. Woods to look at having a Middle School Parent informational meeting. Date and time TBD.


  • Color Guard Car Wash
    • The color guard is looking for dates to have a car wash at O’Reilly’s in Greeneville to pay for their uniforms
    • Carla Ryans to contact O’Reilly’s for details and to secure date
    • Looking at 19-Aug, 02-Sep, or 16-Sep from 10:00 am-3:00 pm
    • Band members are welcome to help with car wash, as well.


  • Christmas Concert Meal and Silent Auction Donations
    • Parents need to begin to think about crafts that they can donate or items they can secure from businesses for baskets to be used for the silent auction being held before the Christmas concert
    • Meal to be discussed at a future meeting


Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm.


Next meeting will be held on Thursday, 07-Sep-2017, at 6:00 pm in the NGHS Band Room. All band parents are encouraged to attend.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jamie Bartlett, Secretary.


Concession Stand Work Schedule (Need one representative for each band member listed below to work the entire game):

18-Aug-2017 – Unaka
1 Olivia Laughters (Lisa)
2 Cassie Mitchell
3 Gracie Jones
4 Cheyenne Weems
1 Austin Swatzell
2 Zack Mrock (Doug)
3 Justin Lawson
4 Lilly Hensley (Priscilla)
31-Aug-2017 – Unicoi Co (Homecoming)
1 Seth Morgan
2 Chris Starnes
3 Evan Crumley
4 Alexis Rosenbaum
1 Mattie Gilliam
2 Lee Graham
3 Maggie Elkins
4 Dakotah Bell
5 Extra Helpers – Gabriel Brown / Dawson Riner
15-Sep-2017 – CDHS
1 Seth Pierce (Nikki)
2 Alex Stone
3 Tyler Brown
4 Race Jones (Vickie)
1 Kirsten Calhoun
2 Haley Trentham
3 Marcus Nettles
4 McKinley Ryans
13-Oct-2017 – Johnson Co. (Band Alumni Recognition Night)
1 Emily Casteel
2 Leighton Casteel
3 Austin Walters
4 Katelyn Penland
1 Hallie Nettles
2 Amber Grove
3 Jada Bow
4 Clarissa Marshall
20-Oct-2017 – Twin Springs (Senior Night)
1 Julia Swecker
2 Jordan Shuler
3 Lance Kessler
4 Caleb Herbold
1 Jacklyn Anderson
2 Katie Roberts
3 Cara Couch
4 Chris Cox


Volunteers to make chili for Frito Pies:

18-Aug-2017 – Unaka Priscilla Hensley
31-Aug-2017 – Unicoi Co (Homecoming) Jamie Bartlett
15-Sep-2017 – CDHS Carla Ryans
13-Oct-2017 – Johnson Co. (Band Alumni Recognition Night) OPEN
20-Oct-2017 – Twin Springs (Senior Night) OPEN


Equipment Hauling Schedule:

11-Aug-2017 Jamboree @ CDHS Ethan Maltsburger
25-Aug-2017 – Cloudland Brian Brown
08-Sep-2017 – Cosby Brian Brown
29-Sep-2017 – West Greene Steve Robbins
06-Oct-2017 – South Greene Steve Robbins
14-Oct-2017 – John Battle competition Brian Brown
21-Oct-2017 – Sullivan Central competition OPEN
27-Oct-2017 – Claiborne Co. OPEN


Anyone interested in taking one of the OPEN slots for equipment hauling to competitions or making chili for a home game, please let Nikki Pierce know at (423) 273-0897.

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