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Band Assistant

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our new band assistant, Alex Leonard

Tentative dates for competitions:


  • 07-Oct-2017:  Tennessee High
  • 14-Oct-2017:  John Battle
  • 21-Oct-2017:  Sullivan Central
  • 28-Oct-2017:  Science Hill

Important Documents

Our Bylaws

2017-18 Marching Band Contract.pdf
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Medical Release

November 2017 Meeting Minutes

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North Greene High School

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for November 2017


The meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Jones.

Time:  6:04 pm

Date:  02-Nov-2017

Place:  NGHS Band Room


  • Brandon Woods, Band Director
  • Alex Leonard, Band Assistant
  • Tanya Jones, President
  • Crissy Riner, Vice President
  • Samantha Brown, Treasurer
  • Cherie Cain
  • Marcia Phillippe
  • Lisa Laughters


Treasurer’s Report:

Samantha Brown provided the Treasurer’s Report.  Account balances listed below.  

As of 02-Nov-2017:

  • Starting Balance:  $26,978.44
  • Ending Balance:  $33,862.86
    • Uniform Fund:  $20,320.70
    • General Fund:  $13,292.16
    • Alumni Scholarship Fund:  $250.00
    • Cash:  $200.00


  • One more person has paid their fair share fee, bringing the total to 25 that have paid and 20 that have not.
    • Discussion was held on sending a paper out for the Christmas concert and the fair share fee at the same time.  Also discussed sending a paper home for the parents letting them know that any band member that does not pay their fair share fees will not be allowed to go on the spring trip.

Old Business:

  • Uniforms
    • Uniforms Totals:
      • Jacket= $13,946.00
      • Gauntlet= $2,805.60
      • Shako= $4,405.80
      • Tuff Tote= $735.00
      • Plume= $1,750.00
    • This is for 70 uniforms
    • Total without the Shako and Tuff Tote is $18,501.70
    • The sample with the correct color (Forest Green) has been shipped and should be received any day.  
    • Mr. Woods asked that we order new uniforms and no one was opposed
    • The paper work will be started next week.  Samantha and Mr. Woods will meet at the bank next week to get that in process.


  • Fundraisers:  
    • Cheesecake order was $4,932.75 Mr. Woods believes we get 40% the order was placed on 11-1-2017 and will take at the most 2 and ½ weeks for delivery.  Mr. Woods and Alex will need help sorting the orders when they arrive.  
    • Christmas Concert Dinner and Silent Auction
      • Christmas Concert will be on December 12th. We are going to pre sell tickets for the dinner so that we can have an idea of how many people we will be feeding.  Nikki is to make the form for pre sell tickets.
      • We discussed having Barbeque for the meal, Jamie will check to see if we can get that donated again.  We are going to ask the kids to donate deserts and chips for the dinner.   Post Meeting Update 03-Nov-2017:  Discussion was held to change dinner to chili/soup/baked potatoes, etc.  More details will be determined at the December meeting.
      • Baskets for the silent auction:
        • Baileyton basket- Lisa Laughters is going to take charge of – Movie Themed
        • Ottway basekt- Tanya was going to check with Pat Winstead to see if she would take charge of- Snowman Themed
        • West Pines basket- Cookies/Baking Themed
        • 9TH grade basket-Christmas Themed
        • 10th grade basket- Gift Card Basket
        • 11th grade basket- Bath Themed
        • 12th grade basket- Mens/Carwash/Tools Themed
      • On the form that Nikki is making, we need to explain that the kids may bring in items for the basket, or they can bring in money if they want.  
      • We also need crafts for the silent auction.  
      • Cherie Cain and family are donating corn hole boards that we will sell raffle tickets for.
      • Mr. Woods would like to recognize Alex, Maddie, Ethan, and Matt at the Christmas Banquet
      • Post Meeting Update 03-Nov-2017:  Jamie asked Nikki to bring a picture of the band with wide margin, so the band members can sign it and present to Jason and Susie Brandon and Sandra Wisecarver at the Christmas concert in appreciate for their donations to the band this year.
  • The band will march in the Greeneville Christmas Parade on 03-Dec-2017.  Call Time TBD.

New Business:

  • Spring Trip:
    • Mr. Woods and Alex are working on it; however, the bus that the band normally uses is all booked up for spring break.  So they are at a standstill at this time.


  • Mr. Woods and Alex are working on a “wish list” of things that the band is in need of detailed with prices.  The prices however will be quoted on the high end.   


  • Remind App- Check with Jamie to see If it is possible for Alex to be set up as someone that can post to the remind app.  

Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 6:59 pm.


Next meeting will be held on Thursday, 07-Dec-2017, at 6:00 pm in the NGHS Band Room.  All band parents are encouraged to attend.  


Minutes respectfully submitted by Jamie Bartlett, Secretary.

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